Our Vison : Normalization through sports


NPO TRACOS aims to develop a diverse and inclusive society where everyone, regardless of impairment, communicates empathically and respectfully. To that end, we have been building a community where children and adults with and without learning disabilities/difficulties respect and value each other through soccer. 

As an operator of soccer schools and a soccer club, our mission is to offer people with learning disabilities/difficulties environments in which they can play soccer spontaneously, to promote their participation in society, and to pursue the principle of normalization through sports.

In order to carry out our mission, reaching out to individuals and society is crucial.   We organize special events that unimpaired individuals participate in as players and volunteers to raise awareness and understanding.

Message From Masayoshi Yoshizawa

Yoshizawa Coach

My name is Masayoshi Yoshizawa. I am the co-founder and vice-chairman of NPO TRACOS and more importantly a soccer coach who enjoys playing with our students.

I was a soccer coach for a junior team of a J-League (Japan Professional Football League) club. There, I always made children play soccer to win by following my instructions. When I look back at myself as a coach, I did not laugh nor did the children laugh. I thought that was normal until I met this boy at a special education classroom. He had been absent from school but he came back because he’d been told that a soccer coach would teach him how to play soccer.  When we started playing soccer, he told me vividly what he wanted and what he liked, smiling. It was a big turning point for me.  At first he wanted to play soccer with me.  Then he made me want to play soccer with him and eventually with other children who have learning disabilities/difficulties.

I set up an NPO corporation “TRACOS” in 2003 to run soccer schools for children with learning disabilities/difficulties.  TRACOS children have turned me into a coach who laughs a lot.   At TRACOS, I let children do what they would like so that they can play soccer.  It brings them laughter when they just chase the ball.  Some don’t chase the ball but run laughing, and some just smile at the ball.   Children who did not laugh much before will come to laugh here. It's not about winning or losing, it's all about playing and having fun.

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Yonetomi Heights 1F 4-20-18 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0021F

Date of the establishment


Board members

Chair: Hikari Egi
Vice chair: Masayoshi Yoshizawa
Board of directors:
Yoahiw Onihara
Kiyomi Hashimoto
Koji Tanaka
Mitsuteru Fujinuma
Atsuko Ogino
Auditor: Keiko Saito