Normalization through sports

What we do

TRACOS is a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization that exists to improve the lives of all affected by learning disabilities/difficulties.  We do this by creating opportunities for them to play soccer, which enables them to build up their health, to acquire sociability and to learn cooperation.   Concurrently, we are intent on creating public awareness because it is impossible to accomplish our vision, “Normalization through sports”, without a mutual connection between individuals who have learning disabilities/difficulties and unimpaired people.  

TRACOS runs seven soccer schools and one soccer club in Tokyo and Kanagawa, and dispatches our coaches to special-needs schools and events all over Japan.   We foster certified professional coaches to send to as many places as possible so that many who can't join our schools because of distance can come to classes or training sessions.

Aiming to raising public awareness, we hold soccer events in which people who have learning disabilities/difficulties and those who do not connect, understand and communicate with each other through playing soccer.

  • Soccer Schools/Club

    Football School

    NPO TRACOS, established in 2003, operates soccer schools and a soccer club for children and adults with learning disabilities/difficulties.  Classes and training sessions are held weekly, mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

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  • School Activities & Events

    In addition to soccer classes and training programs, TRACOS also offers a summer camp, Family soccer, Christmas party and many fun activities and events for our students and their families.

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  • Projects & Events

    We believe that we can eliminate the barriers people with developmental disabilities by promoting awareness-raising and supporting them. We offer on-site classes, seminars and hold friendly matches between TRACOS and unimpaired soccer teams.

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  • About NPO TRACOS

    TRACOS is engaged in expanding a diverse and inclusive community where people with and without learning disabilities/difficulties respect and value each other. We envision a world without gaps or barriers.

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  • Volunteer with us!

    Volunteer wanted!

    Your awareness is a great first step to support people with learning disabilities/difficulties, their families and TRACOS.  If you are interested in learning further, please contact us and get involved.  There are many ways you can help.

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  • Partnerships


    TRACOS is looking to develop relationships with corporations that are willing to work with us.  We are a great match for companies with philanthropic goals related to diversity & inclusion, normalization for people with disabilities, community engagement and more.

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  • Sponsorships


    Please consider supporting and encouraging our students, players and teams as a sponsor. Your contributions are used to operate our schools and club.  Sponsorship money is spent on maintaining and purchasing equipment and facilities.

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  • Membership


    You are more than welcome to join TRACOS as a supporting member. Those who value our activities or support our mission, please consider joining us today!

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  • Donation

    how your donaiton is spent

    Any contribution, big or small, will help.  Your continuous support enables us to keep our schools and club stable and sustainable.  TRACOS is a certified NPO and your donation is tax-deductible.

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Support for sports promotion, and the operation of the Sports Promotion Lottery (toto/BIG)


The Sports Promotion Fund and Lottery Department (toto/BIG) provides financial assistance for Nikko Niko Festa.